Obesity Programme

Residential programme (duration of 8 weeks followed by outpatient care). Day programmes and outpatient services are offered at the centre.

**Essentials for the In-patient program

  1. Products for personal care ( toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, shampoo).
  2. Comfortable clothes, outfit, clothes for gym and pyjamas/nightdress ( for a week only)
  3. Mobile and charges
  4. Laptop, iPad (plus small chargers)
  5. File, notebooks and pen/pencil
  6. Shoes- sport slippers, bedroom slipper, comfortable shoes
  7. Medications should be brought in their original package. Place all medication with the doctor’s prescription in a bag marked with your name and identity number (medicines will be kept at the clinic upon your arrival).
  8. Personal towels (large and small)
  9. Blanket
  10. Identity card
  11. Small amount of cash
  12. A packet of water
  13. Alarm clock
  14. Soap and cloth detergent
  15. things to make your room more comfortable and welcoming

Note. Each person is responsible for his personal belongings

**Items not allowed

  1. Food
  2. Soft drinks
  3. Alcohol
  4. Books on Diets

Eating Disorders

Upon referral patients are assessed by the responsible team. They are then guided to follow the best suitable programme to address their needs. Patients can either be referred to follow:

  • Residential Programme – duration is indefinite and will be discussed between their assigned multidisciplinary team.  They follow both group and individual sessions to including psychodynamic, psychoeducational and groups.  Family is also offered support through support groups held on a regular basis by a counsellor and also individually during session with psychologists.
  • Day Programme – Patients follow  groups during the day as instructed by their multidisciplinary team.
  • Out patients – Out patient care is also offered in cases where residential care is not needed.

Gym Membership

Membership available for patients following an outpatient programme.

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