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‘Dar Kenn għal Saħħtek’ is a Centre for the treatment of Obesity and Eating disorders. Dar Kenn għal Saħħtek’ offers residential, day care and out-patient programmes aimed to provide a holistic treatment of patients with eating disorders and weight behavioural problems.

Our Mission is

  • To improve the health and well-being of individuals by providing a holistic programme aimed at addressing poor nutrition.


  • To inform and raise the level of understanding of eating disorders and obesity and encourage prevention, treatment and recovery.
  • To provide a confidential, safe and homely place for the delivery of a holistic therapy.
  • To provide all the necessary support to patients in ensuring their social reintegration after the residential treatment phase.
  • To promote physical activity and motivate people to live a healthy lifestyle.


Our Commitment to

Dar Kenn għal Saħħtek is committed to the provision of a courteous service that reflects the maximum level of professionalism in a clean, safe and confidential environment.


Professionals at Kenn għal Saħħtek


Professionals at Kenn għal Saħħtek


Our services in

Dar Kenn għal Saħħtek has been designed to provide in-patient and outpatient treatment according to the therapy required by each individual. The holistic approach also provides family therapy to the relatives and carers of patients.

  • To address the causes of poor health and wellbeing related to eating habits.
  • To provide comprehensive programmes based on local eating habits which are accessible to all.
  • To support persons who experience eating disorders and obesity by providing holistic treatment.
  • To provide follow up care for persons after being released from hospital following an acute admission for an eating disorder.
  • To promote healthy lifestyles The concept of Dar Kenn għal Saħħtek is to provide a holistic approach in treating eating disorders and obesity. Hence a residential/outpatient facility set up.

The principal aims of the Centre: The residential structure have an overall objective to begin or continue a course of treatment aimed at interrupting the growth and maintenance factors. An important feature of this approach is the highly structured therapeutic plan that allows a correct evaluation of the results and the possibility of directing therapeutic intervention to the specific needs of the patient and his/her relatives. Through educational activities, sta‑ help to raise the level of understanding and encourage motivation and prevent relapse. Patients are also offered a safe and homely place for the delivery of a holistic therapy as well as support to their relatives. Throughout the programme patients are empowered and reintegrated in society. Therapists provide all necessary support to sufferers to ensure social reintegration after the residential phase of the therapy programme by liaising with other entities and support network.

Service for those residing in Gozo can be accessed either online or by booking an appointment with our team visiting Gozo on a regular basis. Bookings can be scheduled by contacting administration offce on 21453690 during office hours. One is to note that, upon submission of applications, patients are contacted for their first visit with Dar Kenn għal Saħħtek medical team to assess whether patient will benefit by following the residential programme.

Residential and Day Programme embraces varied activities including educational, nutritional, psychodynamic and creative (both in individual and group sessions). The facility provides a space for constructive channelling of creativity within the community. Our team works towards the goals of psychological integration, self-awareness, self-esteem and positive self-concept.

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14th February 2022 10:00 Għarb

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