In our constant mission of raising eating disorder awareness, fighting eating disorders, and encouraging treatment and recovery, Eating Disorder Hope has created some key programs and resources for eating disorders:

College Hope

College Hope is a national collegiate effort to promote Eating Disorder Awareness and Recovery on college campuses. In an effort to share ideas between schools and provide easily accessible resources for eating disorder treatment and information, we are gathering resources and counseling center information from different schools to publish here for students seeking help. At Eating Disorder Hope, we recognize how the transition to college may be a vulnerable life change and empathize with the college-aged student who may be suffering with an eating disorder. Because of this, we are committed to increasing awareness by collaborating with college campuses, advocating for increased support and responsiveness, and sharing our resources

Eating Disorder Hope Club for Professionals

Eating Disorder Hope is committed to supporting professionals and providers serving in the Eating Disorder Field. The Hope Club is exclusively designed for eating disorder treatment professionals and dedicated in offering the most current knowledge of developments in the field of eating disorders. This includes updates on new treatment programs, eating disorder research, newly released books and articles, international developments, support groups, and the latest events. The Hope Club also includes a membership to the Linked In Group, a service that allows Eating Disorder professionals to stay connected with fellow colleagues with great tools to communicate and collaborate. The Hope Club is the premiere way to remain up to date in knowledge of developments in the field of eating disorders.