Ms Maria Schembri

Ms Maria Schembri

Ms Maria Schembri graduated with a B.Sc Hons Nursing, from the University of Malta in 2003. Following the accomplishment of her first degree, Maria spent five years working as a nurse within the Intensive Therapy Unit at the state hospital. Interest into the discipline of dietetics emerges and eventually led her to continue furthering her studies by reading for a Post Graduate Diploma in Nutrition and Dietetics, acquired by distinction in 2005 from the University of Malta and subsequently became registered as a qualified nutritionist.

Ms Schembri Maria

In 2008 Ms Schembri was awarded a scholarship which saw her travel to the United Kingdom to read for a Post Graduate Diploma in Dietetics offered by the University of Wales Institute, Cardiff.

Upon completion, Maria returned to Malta as a qualified dietitian following which, she started to practice her chosen profession. Since than, she has assisted thousands of clients in improving their health through appropriately devised diet programmes which fit medical condition and physical state.


  • Julia Lindberg

    My name is Julia Lindberg and I’m Writing about eating disorders. In my study I’m going to compare the treatment in Sweden with the treatment in Malta. I wounder if you can be so kind to answer some questions to help me.

    How do you treat your patiens?
    Do you have outpatient care?
    Do you have in-patient care? If so, do they get to leave the clinic any time?

    Do you treat your patient diffrent dependening on the age?

    How many girls are in treatment?
    How many boys are in treatment?
    How many, procent, of the population are in treatment?

    Do you have involuntary treatment?
    How many works with the patient?
    How many employees are you?
    How much is a patient’s food chart? How much in kcl is a patient supposed to eat in a day? How many meals? Do you have any special meal plan?

    Do you give your patients medecine for depression, compulsive behaviour, difficulty sleeping or other causes?

    How do you treat your patient’s mental and physical health?

    I would be so grateful if you took some time to answer these questions.
    It would be so kind of you and it would really help me finish my examination in school.

    Best reegards,
    Julia Ellinor Lindberg

    • Dominic Chetcuti

      Dear Madam,

      We will send your answer by the end of this week.

      Thank you